Smart cities are based on good information flows for which there needs to be connectivity for various sensors, actuators and users. For this, a reliable network that provides high-quality connections is required for all the devices, data producers and consumers. We offer OmniNET which can cover communities with 10,000 or more inhabitants with softwrae defined mesh networks which can enable IoT, internet access and other kinds of connectivity.

Collected information is used by applications that inform users and decision-makers, intelligently assess the circumstances and predict possible undesirable scenarios, then initiate automated responses (where possible) and inform those who need to know.

In the city various parties would exchange information for the common good, business and other reasons based on consent using a shared, standardized information exchange.

Teclab offers the OmniDX platform as a standardized data exchange platform where information is well-governed and secured, while users share their information on a consent basis through secure mechanisms.

Imagine an application where a building owner would like to share their electrical usage data with a service provider that provides visualization, analysis and smart algorithms (some based on machine learning and artificial intelligence). The providers of the equipment for measuring usage and controlling electrical hardware, may not need to access the data of the measurements, but they would need to monitor the status of the equipment.

In such a case, separate access rights would provide different access roles defined by the information owner for appropriate access to their information. This would also make it easier to migrate between service providers since enabling a new party to access the real-time and/or spatial-temporal data already recorded on the platform would allow them to catch up and continue to provide services.

We look forward to demonstrating how the data exchange could benefit your government department, municipality, company, organization, neighbourhood or even be implemented in an app you provide.