OmniVerse.Africa is a consortium of many parties across Africa that share a common objective to promote greater prosperity for people in harmony with the planet.

Supporting digital platforms managed by Teclab for the consortium are OmniCO, OmniNET and OmniDX. If you are in the market for advice and solutions for a smart city or smart territory, you may find this information on Smart City Infrastructure relevant for further discussions with us.

To see the principles that drive OmniVerse Africa please visit its website at
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OmniVerse.Africa is our initiative for enabling smarter communities in Africa by taking a bottom up approach and leveraging reward and profit as a driver for participation.

It is supported by a sound governance and business models for participating community based organisations.

OmniVerse.Africa drives and supports projects in agriculture and housing (through innovation and by providing implementation), with an innovative organisational approach and business models to make projects investor friendly, while aligning with government plans and compliance standards.

The shared focus helps to align group efforts of the orgnisation and its circles.

Teclab has the team and global partnerships to implement complex solutions to meet the requirements of businesses, cities and territories in their digital transformation (Digital transformation) processes. We wish to leverage this to support happier and more resilient communities that exist in harmony with all other beings and systems of the planet.

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