Our Convirge service is focused on bespoke software development, hosting and support.

Our philosophy is to start all applications on enterprise-capable choices and keep costs down while ensuring scalability and rapid turnaround when implementing new features.

Some clients choose to first implement internal systems and some additional external customer apps (web and or mobile apps) to the Line of Business systems they use internally. Other clients wish to extend existing systems to the customers, which of course also requires a solid internal Line of Business application backend. In all cases, it would make sense to develop a vision for systems upfront to ensure that all applications feed into ensuring the successful implementation of the organizational strategy.

Convirge forms partnerships with customers to ensure long-term success for their application platforms since all successful applications have evolutionary lifecycles. We have many tricks up our sleeve on how we ensure uptime, bug-free code and scalability. All of this, while remaining focused on staying within scope, and being on time and in budget.

Let us set up a discussion to see if we can find a fit between our skills and abilities and your requirements.