Large Scale Smart Territory Networks

This smart network offers a highly scalable, non-degrading, self-optimisin, self-healing network which is provided as a service, provides a new income source for cities and regions, as well as a great investment opportunity for investors.

It is basically a massive networked computer installed over the city/region which grows on demand and provides additional technologies by adding apps, whether it is 2G-5G GSM, WiFI, sensor networks, TETRA or otherwise.

Brochure about Large Scale City/Region Networks

Collaborative Alert System (using LINE)

SensoryCloud Group Alert System (SC-GAS) provide alerts to groups of alerts generated by CCTV and other cameras which can send e-mail to receiving groups on messenger where response can be coordinated.

The messenger has a unique alert sound to distinguish it from other alerts and offers full messenger features on mobile, including video sharing on large group calls for real-time feed sharing in a law-enforcement/security pursuit event or maintenance event requiring input from various stakeholders,

On desktop screen sharing and group calls for up to 200 participants using a unique mesh network topology to ensure optimal call quality.

A full presentation can be found here.

SensoryCloud AI-VMS
(audio-visual intelligence to mitigate risk)

SensoryCloud AI-VMS is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Audio-Visual Monitoring Solution / Computer Vision Solution. Find the full documentation here.

SensoryCloud AI-VMS is the video surveillance software with a simple interface, flexible turnkey settings, quality service and professional functions:
recognition of license plates, faces, emotions, gender and age, recognition of object and sound types, detection of abandoned or missing items, absence or presence of medical masks or safety gear, camera tampering and other system health issues, crowds, color, loitering, line crossings, counting of visitors and passengers, PTZ tracking and tour, screen capture, heat map, floor plans, organization of access systems, integration with cash registers, smart home systems, organization of own cloud service, unlimited number of servers, etc.

30 day trial licenses are available on request.

The default trial mode allows the use of Intelligent functions for 1 hour and will reset all resettings after 8 hours.

Contact Us to try it for yourself.

Farm / Farm Watch / Business / Neighbourhood: CCTV Monitoring Solution and Alerts

View a brief presentation of our security presentation here

View a full presentation of, a a security solution provider’s use of the SensoryCloud platform on Farms and Game Reserves.

Realtime Temperature Tracking and Group Alerts

This solution is mainly aimed at fresh produce and perishable supply chains. The application tracks location and keeps history reports. A dedicated mobile app is also available. Location is tracked with LBS. And device batteries last up to years.

View our real-time temperature tracking presentation here

Smart Building, Agriculture, Transport, Maintenance and Manufacturing Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

These solutions are tailored to specific requirements. Whether you are monitoring gas leaks, cold storage temperature and power, failure prediction on machines using artificial intelligence, CCTV camera outages or any anomaly that would indicate an increase in risk or failure. There are hundreds of use cases. Let us define and solve yours.

Live monitoring allows users to see what the current state of equipment and environmental conditions are, plus provides a history from which trends can be discovered, like fluctuating power or vibrations caused by over usage, etc.