Endpoint security is more than anti-virus. It even helps to protect against unkown threats by isolating documents and programs when opened, hunts for unknown files, allows managed patching of security updates for the operating system and applications and more.

Keeping your systems productive and your information safe it one of our highest priorities. It involves good planning and the use of enterprise level endpoint security applications which manage security on an ongoing basis.

New threats are always being discovered. And much work is done to be ready for all eventualities.

By providing a cloud based monitoring service for devices via our state of the art platform we ensure the highest level of security possible.

Artificial intelligence malware detection is supported by experts who investigate new threats that appear and respond speedily.  You may not even notice that you have had an infected device. All this is done while not invading your privacy.

Even if a document or program file is infected by unknown malware it will not harm your system due to the containerization strategy followed by the anti-malware endpoint software.

Our platform also provides Remote Desktop Support to rapidly respond to issues and provide general user support where needed on request.